shortening chain length help please

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hello, nearly finished my first ever build but i can't for the life of me do the chain! a good few weeks ago i popped the pin out and roomed a few links(could do with a few more if honest) but i have been trying to put it back to gather to see how the whole chain/chainset is coming together, i have a chain tool and i simply can't get the pin to go back through all i seem to be doing is warping the there any advise yo have for me? bit gutted as i at first was shook indexing the rear deraillier (don't know how with how easy it was today lol) but over joyed she i got that sorted now stuck again!
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    use a new correct pin or a suitable joining link.
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    I had this problem.
    It is so easy to take out but took me at least 30 mins to put back in.
    The way i did it in the end was to take the chain off the bike and put both ends together back in the chain tool.
    like this (ignore the pin, this was when i was taking it out!)

    because the tool needs some resistance. i tried it first with just one end and it kept pushing it away.

    anyway, get some needle nose pliers and hold the pin in the tool.
    then gently start turning the handle, make sure you keep the pin straight, it has a tendency to go all over the place.

    keep going until the pin has gone into the fist part of the chain (obviously don't push it all the way as you then won't be able to get it on the bike) once it is in enough to stay there with out falling out, undo the clamp and take the chain out of the tool. the ends should split again providing you havn't pushed it too far in.

    Then take it to the bike and wrap it wound all where it needs to go (careful cos you don't wanna knock the pin out)
    once it is in place put both ends back in the tool and carefully tighten the handle.
    at this stage i didnt need to the pliers anymore as it was very tight and stayed in place.
    Just tighten it all the way through and it should be done.

    Hope that helps
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    Make sure you are using the chain tool correctly. There are normally two wells for the chain... the one the furthest away from the twisting thing is for removing/replacing the chain pins and the well nearest the twisting thing is used for flexing the face plates to free off stuck links.

    The advice above about needle nose pliers is good as I have also found it to be very fiddly replacing links.

    However, having said all that, the general advice appears to be to avoid removing and then replacing pins as the majority are not made for that so use quicklinks/masterlinks/powerlinks where possible. KMC links are very cheap, very good and can be easily popped open using some chain link pliers. This makes chain cleaning a doddle and then the link can be easily fitted together again (note that some links are not reusable so make sure you read the blurb first). Always worth carrying a spare Quicklink in your saddle bag too.
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    thank you for your replies will try find the time to have another go today, think your help might get me there!
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    I am not sure if I have understood your problem correctly........
    I never take the pin out completely, just far enough out to let me disconnect the two links.
    Leaving a tiny amount protruding makes it so much easier to put the two ends back together.
    If you need to shorten the chain a bit more thats my tip for making life easy.
    Dont forget once back together make sure the link is nice and loose by working the pin both ways.
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    Did you get the chain back on?