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Calling FtT and MaxwellBygraves et al...

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On the current issue where Cameroon intends to remove housing benefit for under 25's (another squeeze on the less well off)whilst Landlords charge astronomical fees in rent, mostly paid for by the DSS. Of course it was that gorgeous figure Mrs T that removed the rent authority and the rent act in the mid-eighties. Why not put a rent authority back in place?
It got me thinking. Say your average supermarket has at least 60% of its staff on part time temporary contracts, those staff are probably receiving some benefits, working tax credits and some housing benefit. Paid throught the taxation sytem by us, for us !! So, in effect, the tax payer is directly supporting the billions of profit made by the supermarkets because we are letting them off the hook by not obliging them into decent contracts and decent pensions.
Then you get these successful people who f*ck around with millions and get a golden handshake.
Its a f**ked up island run by the old school and Cameroon would dare not p1ss half his voters off by capping maximum rents and providing real jobs that create real revenue instead of ones that we the taxpayer are supporting. Its all intertwined and has an immediate effect on housing shortage and the welfare bill.
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    I haven't got a lot of time to reply but the key point is that Cameron only plans to implement the change after the next general election, should the Tories win it.

    Yes, it's nasty but at the moment it's just a lot of hot air designed to shore up cruddy poll ratings and to test policy for inclusion in the next manifesto.

    As if you needed another reason not to vote Tory ;)
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    I only need one reason not to vote Tory - they are all [email protected]
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    and the alternative...

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  • pdstsppdstsp Posts: 1,264
    Good point well made.
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