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chainring, single ring, chainguide... i'm missing something.

weeksy59weeksy59 Posts: 2,606
edited July 2012 in MTB workshop & tech
So today i thought i'd fit my Superstar Chainguide... ... ws_id=1427

After about 20 mins and having cut my chain and removed my front mech, i worked out pretty much how it's going to fit etc...

However that's where it went all wrong.

I've been running 2x10 with an E-13 bash. But i can't run the bash now as it's too deep so catches the new chainguide. So, i remove the bashring... This is the problem bit. Chainring bolts etc.

If i use the standard chainring bolts (from 3x10) then with the outer ring missing, i can't get it to fit right as the base of the nut is too long and sticks out too far. Meaning i can't tighten the bolts up enough. If i run my ones from my 2x10, that still gives the same issue.

I assume i need smaller chainring cups/backs ?

Lastly, the Deore chainset looks rubbish with the outer removed and nothing else there (the E-13 looks fine) so i may even end up going 1x10 with just the shifter and cabling removed... although there seems to be little point doing that, if i've got to leave the mech on there, i may as well fit a cable and the shifter. (But i don't wanna do this really).

So... what do i do etc guys?


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