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Giant Dash Drop conversion

TJenkosTJenkos Posts: 23
edited July 2012 in Workshop
I'm on a job to convert a Giant Dash from straight bar to drops. I've done a good ol' search however only finding the opposite way round.. It's a 3x8spd running Shimano Tempo, and Shimano Triple levers..

I'm going to try and keep this to a budget and now seems a good time whilst CRC have lots of offers on components.

Drop bars: FSA RD-305 Road Bars £20 or Easton EA30 Ergo Bend bars £15 - ... elID=12729 ... elID=38997

Stem: Ritchey Pro Road Stem 2007 ... elID=12729

Gear shifters: What'd be best?

Brakes: do these need replacing? Read a lot of people had to but cannot see why?

This is where I get out of my knowledge zone with pairing to the Tempo gearing? Can I keep all of this the same? etc..

I realise these threads are probably a regular occurence so sorry for repeating!! :roll: :wink:


  • fosstfosst Posts: 45
    my winter bike is an old fcr 4 with left-over road bits replacing the flat-bar stuff. You can use any Shimano 8 speed shifter that is going cheap and no need to change the brakes.
    You threw me with Tempo...found the spec on Giant US and the Dash is fitted with an FSA Tempo crankset, the rest is all Shimano though so makes it an easy conversion.
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