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Cateye computer parts

bikeit65bikeit65 Posts: 950
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i am transferring a Cateye Strada wireless computer onto a new bike and i need the two nylon ties that hold the speed sensor onto the front forks.
i bought some cable ties today at a local hardware store but they are too thick and will not go through the sensor and the store does not sell any thinner ties.
So has anyone here got some extra Cateye nylon ties that you could sell me?
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  • I had the same issue recently, so got 100 cable ties at my LHS for £1.50. That makes two ties = 3p. How do you intend to pay?
    Seriously though, I'll send you a few of these FOC if you need them. I'll use the postal service at work so won't be any cost to me. PM me with your address and I'll try to get these off today.
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