Building a bike... newbie questions.

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Hi everyone. I came across a bike frame with a horizontal dropout today and figured I'd have a go at building a fixed gear bike just for some summertime fun. I'm pretty sure it's an old Italian road bike, looks a little like a Bianchi (wishful thinking) or perhaps a Coppi.

I measured the important parts and, having very little knowledge in the way of building bikes, wondered if others might let me know which parts to get.

Headset tube inner diameter: 30mm
Fork tube inner diameter: 22mm
Bottom bracket shell width: 70mm
Bottom bracket shell inner diameter: 35mm
Front dropout: 100mm
Rear dropout: 126mm

I have never had to replace a headset and have absolutely no idea what size to buy or even if this particular size is easy to accommodate. How do the BB shell measurements correspond to the BB axle sizes and diameters?

Many thanks for any help, it's greatly appreciate by a noob.


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    all the info can be found on the links in my sig.

    parktools for the headset standards. looks like a 1" standard

    for the BB i would look to sheldon first. sounds italian
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    Parktools :?:SheldonBrown
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    Thanks for your quick answer Nick. Found what I needed in terms of BB and headset.

    A small question about the crankset/spindle size. If I've done my research right a 165mm crank length should be fitted to a 110mm BB spindle length?