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Here's my Bike Fit, what should I get ?

s1mons1mon Posts: 618
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Here's my Bike Fit results ... eFit_1.jpg ... eFit_2.jpg

I'm interested in either a Focus Izalco Ergoride or a Giant TCR which would be the better fit ? or is there something else out there. I'm not racing or doing any type of events just for fitness and a change from off road. I've 2K max to spend but less would be better :D



  • sungodsungod Posts: 16,090
    according to the second diagram the toptube is 53cm

    any road bike around that tt should be suitable for you if correctly adjusted
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  • s1mons1mon Posts: 618

    What are the most important measurments I need to be comparing with a bikefit and bike geometry charts ?

  • rdtrdt Posts: 869
    I had a fitting on what looks like the same system as yours, years ago before buying my first proper road bike. I mainly used the suggested top-tube length and seat height I required (I'm tall) to narrow down the frame sizes I should be looking at.

    On buying a bike, I tried to set it up to match the bikefit's suggested measurements. As a starter, the position was OK. A few years after that I went for a professional fitting (Adrian Timmis @ Cadence Sport) where my position was tweaked considerably, producing noticeable benefits and ridding me of some niggling pains I'd suffered with on and off.

    The upshot: treat the measurements on the computer print-out as ballpark guidelines for helping to choose a bike to fit, but not for finessing your position on the bike.
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