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Garmin Edge 500

Team4LukeTeam4Luke Posts: 597
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I have a 305. Usually download to PC most training rides to the poor software it comes with, sometimes I upload to Connect when I do a nice ride somewhere so I can keep the route and pass it on to others. Not bothered about using mapping to navigate etc.
500 says does not come with mapping, not sure what that actually means, I want a 500 but does it still upload to Connect ?
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  • You can upload a ride on the 500 to Connect just like any other Garmin. It doesn't have a mapping screen but it is GPS so you get the map of where you've been afterwards. You can upload a route to it and you get direction arrows keeping you on track. If you miss a turn it tells you your off track.
  • FSR_XCFSR_XC Posts: 2,258
    I've got the 305 Forerunner. The biggest difference between this & the 500 is that the 500 will take a power meter, it has a bigger screen & I think it reads altitude too.

    'does not come with mapping' means just that. The display doesn't show a map. It still shows the 'crumb trail' like the 305 and can give turn by turn directions from uploaded routes (like the 305).
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  • Team4LukeTeam4Luke Posts: 597
    great thats exactly what I wanted to know, cheers.
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  • nferrarnferrar Posts: 2,511
    If you don't need HRM then look at the Garmin 200, not sure if still on offer at Halfords but they were going pretty cheap.
  • gabriel959gabriel959 Posts: 4,227
    Yes, the 200 is going for less than £70 after rebates.
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  • Team4LukeTeam4Luke Posts: 597
    I need HR, always.
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