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Ribble Sportive Bianco vs Gran Fondo

fsmanfsman Posts: 112
edited June 2012 in Road buying advice
I'm new to cycling and I have been recommended Ribble for a good value Carbon cycle in the £1k (ish) range.

Seen lots of magazines about the Sportive Bianco vs. none on the Gran Fondo. I've read on-line that the Bianco has a lighter frame with it's cardon forks, vs. the gran fondo alloys.
But it looks like the Gran Fondo is more expensive than the Sportive Bianco - even though the frame is heavier (I would have thought that the Gran Fondo would be lighter given the higher price tag?)

I'd like advice on which is the better bike for a new road biker? pros/cons etc.
Is it different frame geometry - what is the diffence or impact?

On the surface the bikes look similar - and I want to ensure I make the right decision. I can't imagine my wife agreeing to getting a replacement in a few years time :)
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