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Affordable bikes for heavy people

i_am_ravii_am_ravi Posts: 3
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I am a heavy guy (around 130 kgs) and would like to get rekindle my childhood passion for cycling, with a view to improve my fitness. I am not looking for a fancy/complicated bike;just something that is affordable(less than £200 preferably) and would do the basic job....
In a nutshell, my question is:
a) What are the recommended bikes from those available in the market, for people of my weight within my budget range? Happy to go with new/used..preferably new, so I do not have do lot of fixing/tweaking to make it roadworthy for me.

I am based out of London suburbs....
Highly appreciate if anyone can throw light on this topic/redirect me to discussions on this topic)


  • nbuuifxnbuuifx Posts: 302
    I can't tell you exactly what to buy but there is a guy on here who was much heavier than you. He may have some advice for you. His blog is here:

    USername on here is gb155

    It really is amazing and worth a read anyway!

    You're only 20 stone though and I've seen plenty of people around this weight on bikes so I'm not sure how much of an issue it would be? (If an issue at all?) You've posted in the road section but are you after road, hybrid or mountain?

    Mountain bikes are built to withstand a bit of abuse so may be more suited? Just be careful if you get one with a spring based fork as it will be bottoming out all the time. An air shock at the front would be best. I'd go second hand - bikes require a little maintenance from the outset so you're better to get into the maintenance thing straight away or find a shop to get friendly with! Avoid cheap rubbish it'll just put you off. I can't think of a good enough bike under £200 new.
  • MichaelWMichaelW Posts: 2,164
    The weak point of bikes are the wheels, esp the lower spoke counts of modern designs. Heavy riders should stick to high spoke count touring style wheels, ie 36 spokes.
    On any decent, low-midrange bike, the rest of the components are strong enough.
    For general purpose, commuting and fitness riding on the road you want clearance at the frame and brakes for a medium tyre, at least 32mm wide.
    Look for a lighweight hybrid, touring or cyclo-cross style of bike.
  • bobtbuilderbobtbuilder Posts: 1,537
    You won't have a problem getting a bike that it is suitable for you. You really don't weight that much!

    The only thing you need to be wary of is wheels. Some wheels have a rider weight limit.
  • As others have said I don't think your weight is an issue particularily (bar not using any weight limited wheels) its your budget that is more likely to be a struggle. I'm no expert in the second hand market but at under £200 I would think you would struggle to get a decent bike even second hand.

    I was above your weight when I started and got on ok with a Carrera Crossfire 2 for a year or two (about £350) until I got a Specialised Sectuer (£1k) last year - I had a few rear wheel issues (broken spokes) but I reckon that has as much to do with wearing out cheap components (probably a little quicker than a weight weeniee would have) as much as weight limitations per-se.

    For what its worth if you can invest more - get a nicer bike - you will enjoy riding more and the weight will fall off = :D
  • Not within your budget but I recently bought the Giant Defy 2.

    I too am on the heavier side. 11kg heavier than you, well I was 4 weeks ago before I started riding, I've manage to drop 6kg in that time :)

    Getting a good bike that fits you along with comfort is a huge factor, this will encourage you to ride more rather than put off training. I am really enjoying it and glad I got the bike.

    I did a review not so long back: viewtopic.php?f=40042&t=12856541&p=17643511&hilit=defy+brooks#p17643511
  • i_am_ravii_am_ravi Posts: 3
    Many thanks for all your inputs.

    My takeaways:
    - My budget will have to go up...just cannot go beyond 350 gbp
    - wheels are the of spokes is important,,wider tyres are better
    - no spring suspension in the front...air is better suited for heavy people

    Might sound lazy but I am struggling with models ...a few suggestions on specific models will be very helpful :roll:
  • If you are thinking about front suspension you are talking mountain bike and you would begetter posting on that forum than here on road.
  • nbuuifxnbuuifx Posts: 302
    As above - what type of bike do you want?

    Where do you want to ride? Roads? Canal Paths? Off Road tracks?

    How far do you want to ride?

    £350 will get you a good enough second hand bike. My mountain bike (Boardman comp) was less than this and would be more than adequate for you.
  • team47bteam47b Posts: 6,424
    I think a hybrid would be easier and more fun than a full on mountain bike. Have a look at Edinburgh bicycles, they have a good reputation, and sell bikes under £350 ... sort=price

    Don't spend too much time deciding, as you will be buying a smart/expensive road bike within a year anyway! :D
    my isetta is a 300cc bike
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