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Bike for tour and 'one off' long distance

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hi, I am looking to buy a new bike with 2 purposes : Tour & Road

I want something that can handle racks (front and rear) that I can use for Touring (light touring, circa 80km per day with camping gear), but has the possibility for a longer road trip (with no luggage ), such as the yearly 300km Vätternrund (one day event) in Sweden.

Am I asking too 'multi-tasking' much from 1 bike??

Anyhow, I am thinking of the Focus Mares AX3.0 and replacing the 'cross' tires for the 300km trip with more 'racey' rubber, and of course removing the racks. The Vätternrund is not a race as such, but it is 300km in one [long] day. (I guess you call these 'sportives')

The Mares has eyes in the forks/rear for racks, but I hear that the components of the Mares are not so great.

Does anyone have any input in my current idea (Mares AX 3.0) or perhaps some other suggestions?
I am not so concerned about mudguards, and lights can be added later as needed.
I am hoping to spend £500 to £950 (I think the Mares is about £700)

Although I have enjoyed it a lot, my old bike (Skeppshult STC, with dynamo dub) is old, heavy (about 20kg total and steel frame) is due to replacement...


    Don't know if it's any help but this bike got a really good review for both of the things you need. Think it was in this months Cycling Active where it had the review. Very comfy, well built and looks classy.
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  • Thanks for those tips.

    The Dawes Century SE does not seem to have the eyelets in the fork for front racks, and I'm not sure a carbon frame would handle 3rd party rack attachments(?)

    I've looked at the Galaxy before, but the weight puts me off, and I doubt I can get to try one in Sweden.

    I should have added a bit more information initially:
    I'd prefer a simple 'double' chainring with 50T (not a triple), and an aluminum frame (but would not rule out steel).
    I've since seen there are several other options for me, including some that I can try over here, such as the Specialized Tricross. I'll try them out and see what feels good...
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