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Are they for real?

muzzanmuzzan Posts: 203
edited June 2012 in Road buying advice
Hi Folks,

Thinking very seriously about getting a genesis vapour disc mail order from

Just wanted to check if anyone had used them & was happy with their service/returns policy/warranty issue resolution, or not?

Also be delighted to hear from any owners of this bike ?



  • ShutUpLegsShutUpLegs Posts: 3,522

    Is that James Cordon riding a mountain bike on the bottom video on their homepage :?:
  • king_jeffersking_jeffers Posts: 694
    I'd avoid.
  • BeatmakerBeatmaker Posts: 1,092
    Real Cycles are indeed a Real shop. They have put a lot into cycling in N.Ireland.
  • muzzanmuzzan Posts: 203
    So one encouraging reply & one not so much...unless King Jeffers meant he'd avoid the bikes?

    No only kidding, but if you have any actual substance to back this opinion up I'd be glad to hear it?
  • I have used them frequently as the are local to me. Always found them decent and helpful. I had an issue with a wheel bearing on my Core 50 and they loaned me a complete front wheel until mine was repaired. They also replaced the front disc as they felt it was marking up more than was usual.

    Beatmaker is absolutely correct when he says they have put a lot into cycling in NI, especially the MTB scene. I have first hand knowledge of some of the investment they have made to raise the profile here.

  • I bought my equilibrium from them mail order last August, delivered to Leeds

    Were a good company to deal with, initially the bike went missing on delivery, so they sent me another one the day after, they e-mailed me straight away to let me know what was going on, and even said 'if the original bike turns up please let us know', did wonder what i would have done if it did turn up

    But yeh, If i had need for another complete bike i'd deal with them again
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