Bike maintenance needs/ issues

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Hello, i am currently doing an A level DT project on a bike cleaning/ maintenance station.
The product must address a current issue or problem, therefore I would like to find out the issues or needs you encountered during bike maintenance/ cleaning.

For example a chair that can be sat on during small mundane tasks.
Or a magnetic tray to collect small metal parts. etc...

Any help will be very much appreciated


  • estampida
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    a chain cleaner that is really worth buying
  • How about a chain made of a material that doesn't need greasing?? Like a ceramic coated carbon stitched Teflon dipped polycarbonate?
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    standardisation...escaping propriety systems
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    A dispenser for wet wipes with somewhere to chuck them. I'm often doing stuff with the chain - hands get oily - then I have to change gears and I don't want to get oil on the bar tape some have to clean my hands. Then I have to faff with oily bits again and then shift gears. And so it repeats.
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    the chain has a rival in the gates belt drive

    but if there is no split in your drop outs you have to use a chain and are stuck with it

    as a really good chain can cost £35 the price of a composite chain would be more than the bike probably

    for fine adjustment and keeping your hands clean ... &gloveid=3
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    Powered chain cleaner that effectively flushes the chain with hot diesel and then swaps to hot oil to lubricate it, all while you're having a cup of tea.
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    Somewhere to pour my dirty petrol (or degreaser for the hippies) after I've used a chain cleaner. The drain is so far away...
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    P_Tucker wrote:
    Somewhere to pour my dirty petrol (or degreaser for the hippies) after I've used a chain cleaner. The drain is so far away...

    unless you live in a flat , pour it on the weeds on the drive/pathways , best weedkiller known to man short of sodium chlorate
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    sell the petrol to the local street urchins.........

    or start burning messages into the neighbours / girlfriends lawn.........