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My complements to Evans Gatwick

JonnyJHJonnyJH Posts: 47
While waiting for my Ride2Work voucher to arrive I made a visit to Evans in Gatwick to get an idea for what I can get with my money, frame size, accessories etc etc
I was most annoyed by the time I left due to the unhelpful and uninterested staff member I dealt with, who even went as far as to claim he knew the perfect frame size just by looking at me and there was no need to try one!


A few days later I returned with voucher in hand and accompanied by a mate who has been cycling for years.
This time I spoke to someone else and found the level of service to be top notch! He must have spent a good hour getting me to try out different bikes and frame sizes, fiddling with the set up etc before finally settling with a shiny new Jamis Ventura Race 2012. (which he must have spent another half hour+ setting up).
I walked out the shop cuffed to bits with my new bike and them having one the right size already built up! Not only did I walk out with the bike and accessories I had paid for but I also went home with a free saddlebag, free spare inner tube and a free extra set of peddles with toe clips.

Needless to say I was happy! :D
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