One-way / two-way Torque Wrenches

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I'm in the processing of buying a torque wrench (click type) for putting on carbon bits onto the bike. I note that some are one-way and two-way and some state 'reversible with lever, but only for right handed action torque checking'. Could someone explain the difference?! :?:


  • godders1
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    Two way means it can fasten both CW and ACW. Even though most screw fasteners tighten CW (righty tighty!) some don't (eg. left side pedals) hence a wrench that can fasten both ways is handy.

    Don't know that 'reversible with lever, but only for right handed action torque checking' means. :?
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    cw only (unless you plan a left hand drive bike)

    been here before...

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    could do with 1/4" torque wrench with both direction feature, the one I have only is one way.
    Say... That's a nice bike..
    Trax T700 with Lew Racing Pro VT-1 ;-)
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    2 way torquing would be useful - I didn't realise that they wouldn't all do that and sheared my BB tool once waiting for a click.

    2 way is essential - so you can tighten CW or CCW (or loosen but you shouldn't use your torque wrench to undo things).

    There are only a couple of things that tighten the wrong way though so being able to measure torque both ways isn't too important.
    I'm left handed, if that matters.
  • rpd_steve
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    The 'reversible with lever, but only for right handed action torque checking' mean that it has a ratchet mechanisum that you can switch to make the torque wrench move both clockwise and anti-clockwise, but it is only capable of checking torque in the clockwise direction.

    Useful for undoing things, which is OK up to the max torque limit of the tool depending on the design. Torque wrenched of this type are OK to use in this way.

    IMHO a LH torque capability is not important on a bike - the pedals are the only left hand thread I can think of in most cases. They can be quite common in some engineering fields when fasteners are being loaded dynamicly, certainly in motorsport.
  • Thanks guys - I didn't appreciate how complex these little fighters can be!

    I was going to take the easy option and buy myself a Park Tool TW-5 wrench, however, before I do, are there 'better' wrenches out there for the same sought of money? Someone recommended a Norbar - but they are seem to be expensive.
  • rpd_steve
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    Nobar are great, and IMHO the best torque wrench out there. When I'm at work on F3 cars its great to have a digital display that bleeps at the correct torque, measures angles automatically and will send details of faster torque to a quality control log... But its all very OTT TBF, and fair enough to spend £600 on a tool that gets worked hard every day in a critical environment, but my bike servicing is not such an environment! :lol:

    I love the Halfords professional ones, very good, just not sure if they do a small one (3-10Nm ish)? The park tools one is also good, and what I use for small stuff. Anything will be OK fir the purpose. We give them a pretty easy ride overall (forgive the bad pun) :oops: