Replacing An Inner Chainring

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I'm a bit of a novice so any help would be appreciated.

I have a SRAM Rival crankset and the inner chainring in now completely worn. Do I have to replace it with another Rival chainring, or can I use a different SRAM group or something like a Shimano Ultegra? Is there anything else I should be considering when replacing it?

Thanks for the help!


  • napoleond
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    You just need to make sure it's the correct size. Is it a standard or compact chainset?
    If its standard then you need 130BCD chainrings
    If compact then you need 110.

    I highly recommend Stronglight CT2 rings.
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  • turnerjohn
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    agree with Nap....I've found TA rings super tough....had one on my winter bike for literally just wont die !
    forget Shimano ones...they shift well (not what you need on an inner ring anyway) but they just dont last and their stupidly expensive...FSA are a nice half way house as well and not to pricey. Not sure on SRAM as I've never used them.
    As Nap said you need to know if your chainset is a compact ; usually 50 outer 34/36 inner or double ; 53 / 39.
  • Sanjay
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    Its a compact 34. I'm going to order a Stronglight CT2 ring today so hopefully it should be back in action in a few days. Thanks for the advice guys.