Cadence Kit for Sigma BC 1609 Wired?

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I bought a Sigma BC1609 computer a while ago from Amazon, and it was a package that included the cadence function but did not include the "optional hardware" that would make the cadence functions work.

Can anyone tell me what I need to get and (maybe) where best to get it from, please?



  • Twostage
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    I think you need one of these. It says it is for the 1606 not the 1609 but according to the sigma sport website its the only one. ... 564&sr=8-5
  • SJDobby
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    Thanks (sorry for delay in replying, not been back to the forum for a while!). The Amazon "Description" for the item says "CADENCE KIT WIRE 1609" so looking likely that it is compatible, so I have ordered one.