Tiagra 10sp cassette and R500 hub compatability

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After a recent wheel upgrade I am looking to fit another cassette to my old wheels for turbo use.
I was going to buy a Tiagra 10 speed cassette to fit on my R500 wheels but I have read that the Tiagra 10 speed comapability isn't as straight forward as that.

Can anyone shed any light on this?


  • mister p
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    That cassette won't fit onto certain 10 speed only hubs. It was early Dura Ace and Ultegra that were different and caused an issue. It will go onto an R500 wheel no problem.
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    Brilliant, thanks for your help.
  • andy_wrx
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    Yes, it's fine.

    Certain high-end Shimano wheels from about 6 or 7 years ago, Dura Ace 7800 and Ultegra 6600, are 10sp-only, will only take a 105, Ultegra or DA 10sp cassette
    They have an aluminium freehub and taller splines, only these cassettes will fit - not the new 10sp Tiagra

    Your WH-R500's are 8/9/10sp hub, will take any Shimano or SRAM cassette
    - and more modern Shimano high-end hubs like 6700 or 7850 or 7900's went back to being 8/9/10sp as well

    To fit a 105, Ultegra or DA 10sp cassette to them, you need a spacer, but the Tiagra 10sp doesn't need a spacer, will only fit a 8/9/10sp hub, doesn't fit a 10sp-only hub

    I can only imagine Shimano got so many complaints and queries about 10sp cassettes on 8/9/10sp hubs needing the spacer, that when they made 10sp Tiagra they ditched it

    See Sheldon Brown for more enlightenment ;o) http://sheldonbrown.com/dura-ace.html#10
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    Thanks for the confirmation, now to tell the kids in time for fathers day!