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Hello all

My name is Jake Darnley, I am new to this forum and have recently started jumping again

I have recently bought a 2006 brand-x dirt jump frame MKIII from a friend and have been building it up. it currently has marzocchi dirt jumper 3 forks, odi grips, titec hellbent handlebars, i'm not sure what the head set and cranks are, i have just ordered a dmr void saddle and a funn seatpost, i also dont know what the wheels are and i have a da bomb single speed chain tensioner.
i am looking for advice on good places to jump in and around north yorkshire other than the obvious dalby forest.
I used to dirt jump about 5 years ago so i am a little rusty, any advice on new parts and places to jump will be massively appreciated. also if anyone lives in or around york and wants someone to go jumping with then give me a shout, feel free to find me on facebook.
also what does everyone use to upload pictures on here??

cheers all!!
Cuts happen biking, bleeding is the release of weakness, dont be afraid to hurt yourself!!
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