Integrated thread problem underneath BB

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You know underneath the BB there is a plastic strip holding the cables in, that bolt that holds the plastic won't tighten fully. I took out the bolt and cleaned the bolt threads are fine, but not the thread inside, a bit of thread popped out. Now I cannot tighten the bolt due to the Alu thread integrated into the BB (carbon bike).

Anyone know how to fix, will glue work, I suppose the screw isn't essential. It looks like the same thread type as the bottle cage integrated threads. I have been hearing a really bad clicking sound, I think it might be this bolt possibly? Doesn't click when riding out of the saddle climbing. I've greased the pedals, changed cleats, greased the wheel skewer, removed the rear wheel hub and cleaned (where I thought initially was coming from). So I know the sound is coming from the BB, it feels like that screw for some reason I could be wrong. Sound is annoying for me & other riders!! I have a campy Super Record 2011 groupset.

Any help would be great!


  • topdude
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    You could glue the bolt in with a little epoxy, or use a short fat self tapping screw, not too long as it might come into contact with the BB inside.
    However it won't be the cause of the clicking noise, you need to strip the saddle / seatpost and clean / grease all mating surfaces. Use assembly paste if the post / frame is carbon.
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    There's no way that bolt is your noise - topdude is spot on.
  • canoas
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    I was thinking of eproxy, a mate of mine suggested that. I think you could be right about also about a shorter screw, I still have the campy screw, for some reason bike shop who built my bike used a bottle cage bolt looks like to me. The campy screw is shorter.

    Ok, I'll try the saddle. But I don't think its saddle. Will try later tonight. cheers.
  • canoas
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    also sometimes the clicking sound won't appear after say 30-60mins of riding then kicks in and is quiet loud. I think sometimes the clicking happens when out of saddle, but will do the seat post tonight as suggested.
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    topdude - you are the man! it was the seatpost making the noise.

    Bad thing it took me 2 hours to get the seatpost off, I tried lemon juice then loads of GT85 and loads of brute force. Carbon to Carbon but around the top of the tube was a bit of Alu strip.

    Basically I need to do this every 3 months, remove seatpost my local bike shop says and use Fiber grip gel. Also I found the stem a bit loose the carbon plug extractor into the fork had risen so just needed tightening to push down. Stem feels solid now. Also local bike shop guy said don't give a toss about the bolt underneath the BB that holds the plastic into cables, its not essential doesn't need to be really tight.
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    Might be worth using either a dollop of threadlock or a wrapping of ptfe tape on the bolt - a less permenant solution than glue.