Looking after my new Rockrider

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Just picked up my new btwin Rockrider 8.1 from the Decathlon store in Sheffield (great bike by the way!) and i now want to know how to really maintain it, look after it, and generally just give it some lovin. Any ideas seen as though Im not an experienced mountain biker? :)


  • ugo.santalucia
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    Start by keeping it clean, without using pressure cleaners and keep the chain clean and lubed. Then you need to learn to adjust the pads and index the gears... Very easy. For help look at the park tool website and on youtube
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  • Thanks, already got the gear for lubing and keeping it clean so Im all good there. Any advice on maintaining suspension or is that not something i really need to worry about?
  • ugo.santalucia
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    Suspension? Keep it very clean... if any dirt scratches the piston, you'll start losing air. Keep the air pressure correct. A good idea to store the bike upside down to allow the oil to spread well inside the fork.
    As for proper maintenance, it's not something you can DIY, not even bike shops do it.
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    You might get more in depth advice if you post in the MTB workshop section rather than the Road one... :wink:
  • Good idea ;)