Single Speed Gearing

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Hey, I own a Haro Thread 1 2009 but I have a little problem. I bought it single speed as standard but the gearing is far too high for me. It is currently running a 16t cassette and a 34t chain ring and I was wondering how I could down gear it. I want to down gear it by quite a lot almost trials bike gearing I'm talking <25t chain ring. I'm happy enough to leave the cassette as standard I would just like to swap out the chain ring with something smaller.<br>
Any advice, links, suggestions, ext would be highly appreciated.



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    Buy a smaller ring and fit it. Or is there something you have not told us about.
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  • I have been looking at smaller rings but I'm slightly worried about the size of the cranks and being compatible. I see other bikes online that have a BMX chainring was trying to work out how to do that but I just don't feel experienced enough so I came to some people that would know what I am looking to do, that's why I came to the forum :)
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