Torque setting on stem with carbon fork / steerer

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I have a 6 week old Focus Izalco Pro with 3t Funda fork set. The forks became ( rocking when I braked) loose and I loosened off the stem and then tightened them up to 4nM. The stem bolts labeled 6 nM so I gave it 5. I am unsure as to how much the steerer can take.

The forks have since become loose again. How much torque can I give them without risk of damage.



  • rpd_steve
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    6 Nm is quite safe, and anywhere from 4.5 to 6.5 will be just fine - many cyclists and even shop mechanics will do them by hand. If your headset is working loose and giving knock, it is probably your stem cap bolt that is at fault. You should be loosning your stem clamp bolts and cap bolt, tightening the top cap bolt until the knock goes, then tightening the stem clamp bolts again. Then add another 1/8th of a turn on the top cap bolt. There should then be no play and the bars should turn freely.
  • rpd_steve
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    ps. Your stem should always be at least 3-4mm above the steer tube - if not the cap bolt cannot pre-load the system correctly.
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    Just typed out pretty much exactly what RPD Steve said and then it said there'd bn another post in the meantime, lol. I esp agree with the doing it by feel bit. :D
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    I'd recommend some carbon assembly paste on the steerer.
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