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Any BONT A two users

turneroundturneround Posts: 77
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needing a new set of shoes. Sidi just dont fit, tried DMT, no good.

looking at bont and was wondering what folk make of them. I'm after a fairly comfy set for long rides but are also stiff. for you BONT users out there, whats the fit like (my ageing spech s-works 46 fit perfectly). any advice would help


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  • FSR_XCFSR_XC Posts: 2,258
    I use Bont Sub 10's (I do triathlons).

    Was chatting to the guy in the shop I bought them from as they are stopping doing them. His reason was that when people tried them on next to Specialized or Sidi, they felt uncomfortable and as such were a difficult sell. He continued to say that it was a shame because every customer that had bought a pair and moulded them came back to say they were probably the best shoes they had bought.

    I have to agree - wasn't sure when I tried them in the shop, took them home, rode them a couple of times to help identify any hotspots / rubbing etc, then heated 'em up, moulded them and that's it - comfy, stiff (stiffer than S-Works shoes) and very well made.

    I know one guy with the A two's - he rave's about them?

    I believe Wiggins wears them too.
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