advice for 1x9 set up

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as above is it a case of removing inner ring front mech etc


  • maddog 2
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    I run 1x9 on the commuter

    As a bare minimum then yes, just run it without a front mech but you will ocassionally drop a chain so I run the following:

    N-gear jump stop
    BBG lightweight bash
    40t unramped ring, on the inner position (bash on outer)
    and a cassette of choice - I run 11-28 as I do some steep hills on it.
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  • P_Tucker
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    You'll need some specific chainring bolts too.
  • T_Pucker
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    P_Tucker wrote:
    You'll need some specific chainring bolts too.

    What he said... also might have to remove some links from chain if running a smaller than usual 53/39 ratio...
  • jomoj
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    Chain retention on the front is essential.I use a Stronglight chain guard on the outer and a deda dog fang on the inside and have never dropped the chain, even riding off road.

    link to pic below