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1st Goal achieved

oxomanoxoman Posts: 8,839
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Have been using a Hybrid for work and started to enjoy riding so managed to beg/borrow/steal (not literally) a Dawes Giro 300 road bike a couple of months ago. So i decided to set some goals for this year the first was to find a decent saddle, ( failed still looking ) 2nd was to do 50 miles in one hit by end of june, just hit this one, a month early in fact i did 53 miles in 3 hrs 40mins ( not fast i know some big hills to get up and struggling at times on a 52/39 chain ring also 70 degrees plus so bloody hot ). Have come to conclusion goal 3 for end of year which is 100 miles is unattainable without the following. Decent padded tight's, compact chain ring and alternative rear cassette, decent seat, better gloves and finally do it on a cooler day. One final goal i didn't mention earlier was to lose more weight, managed 1 1/2 stone doing 10 mile each way to work and on my way to the last stone with the help of the road bike, so hopefully 11.8 stone by Christmas then my GP can kiss my butt as my BMI will be less than his. Also feeling a lot fitter / healthier than I've ever been.
Too many bikes according to Mrs O.


  • NITR8sNITR8s Posts: 688
    Its all gravy baby, sorry oxo joke. Well done on your first 50 and good luck with your other goals. Although try not to end up like me after my first 100 miles(In an ambulance)
  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 8,839
    Read the post before doing mine, epic achievement though, take care of yourself
    Too many bikes according to Mrs O.
  • mcp73mcp73 Posts: 92
    I recently completed my first 100+ miler and it felt great. I wouldn't be too hung up about getting a compact though. 53/39 won't hinder you - it'll just make you work harder on the hills. If I can manage with 53/39, anyone can. :-)
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