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11 Speed chain options - Quick links or new chain ?

galatzogalatzo Posts: 1,295
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Getting a new frame soon :D and having the Chorus 11 speed groupset swapped on to it.
What's my best and cheapest option regarding swapping the chain ?
Is it a new Chorus chain at £32 (best price so far) ?
Or a quick link like this ... 53ed285275 ?

Also may swap my 12-25 for a 12-27 cassette. Would this automatically mean a new chain would be required ?

Many thanks
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  • ajb72ajb72 Posts: 1,178
    Is the cassette new? If so a new chain would be a good idea. The Chorus chain is fine, but personally now prefer the KMC version dude to the hassle of replacing pins on Campag chains if you need to break it for any reason. In theory you are supposed to use the Campag tool - although I managed quite happily without one.

    If you can live with a bit of gold bling, Ribble have the 11 speed KMC X11L for under £30 ... Googlebase

    Don't forget though that 11 speed KMC's missing links are not intended to be re-used once fitted.
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