de-threaded crank arm

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Hi, I recently purchased a raleigh team sprint, not the best bike I know but the best within my budget. It came with a 'Miranda' chainset. Whilst out riding the other week the left pedal stated wobbling dramatically. Turns out the pedal had come loose then cross threaded in the crank arm. I've tried lining it up and tightening it as much as I can but there's very little thread left and if you put any pressure on the pedal it pops out. In desperation, I've changed the left crank arm for one off my MTB albeit 5mm longer but would really like to get a replacement.

I only bought this bike in March, should I ring raleigh and complain about their crappy components? has anyone done this? or should I just bite the bullet and save up for a new chainset.
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    Yes you should as it sounds like their was a problem to start with. Not often that they would have such a manufacturers fault but if the bike came with the pedals fitted might suggest a heavy handed fitting incorrectly of the pedals as happened to me some years ago which was caused by the left pedal being forced into the right crank (by the shop not me) which they replaced.

    Would perhaps leave out the bit about you tightening it though as they may consider you caused the fault and after changing the crank would be hard to prove one way or the other & I guess the last thing you want is a long drawn out argument between you, the shop and the manufacturers.
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    That's settled then, I'll contact them to request a replacement, now if only there was a way to convince them the pedal came off, I came off, banged my head and now can't smell my dinner, but I'd keep quiet for a dura ace groupset.
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    +1 A properly fitted pedal shouldn't unscrew while pedalling; the action of pedalling has the effect of constantly tightening them (that's why left and right pedals have opposing threads)
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    Th fault lies with the bike shop who sold the bike, probably fitted the pedals incorrectly and are duty bound under the Sale of Goods Act to sort out your problem. They can repair the pedal thread in the crankarm using a steel helicoil insert or otherwise replace the crank. Phoning Raleigh will likely result in you getting this answer so why bother as they have no obligation to you I'm afraid?
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