Hand built wheels creaking

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I've read through the entire creakings thread but couldn't see a related answer but as I think i know what the problem but not the solution, is I wanted to post a new thread.

I have a pair open pro wheels with miche hubs hand built by Paul Hewitt, I have done 250 miles on them, they are still very much true. They havent been trashed, crashed into pot holes, i'm not particularly heavy and theyre 32hole. All the advice I have seen involves getting them checked, get a better wheel builder and so on but I assume as they're hand built by a respected builder they should be fine.

Out of the saddle the rear creaks a lot on both pedal strokes. It sounds like the spokes, it only does it occasionally seated and only with enough power. With my other set of wheels on there is no creaking, I'm convinced it is my other rear wheel and not something else. I've checked the cassette and it is done up tight. There are no loose spokes and the tension is even, if go round the wheel and tweak each crossing point the noise goes a way for a bit.

Are there any permanent remedies for this? Or could they actually need checking despite PH's rep? Thanks for your help


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    Skewers can creak. Wheel out, remove and clean the skewer, smear some grease on it's spindle and see if that works.
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    i had a set of dt 240 hubs on Ambrosio Excelight rims built by Paul Hewitt, after about 4 months the rear started to creak and lubing the eyelites on the rims proved the issue (it was nothing to do with his build and a rim failure) Paul was great, rebuilt onto a new rim - everything at his cost - and i used them for a yr or 2 and they r now on my daughters bike.

    Why not contact Paul and explain whats happening rather than telling the whole world first?
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    Apologies if sounded like I was having a go at Paul, quite the contrary. I don't have much experience of these things and thought it might be something obvious and a quick question on the forum could solve rather than bothering them. Thanks for your advice though.
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    Have you checked the cassette is tight enough and / or the freehub body is free of dirt - this can cause creaking like you mention.
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    if you have tried lubing the hub spoke eyelets, my next bet would be where the spokes cross each other. This is why the creak goes away when you stress relieve them.. one or more spokes might be a bit rough at that point, feeler listen for any friction when you stress relieve them, or simply gt85 each cross, you will know on the next ride whether this was the problem, then you just need to work out which spokes need more regular attention ora bit of brute force or even minute amount of attention from a nail file or emery board.
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