Brake Cable Tension Screw

Sussed out
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Am I right in thinking that this would also fit brakes... ... delID=8620
Or if not would somebody be able to direct me to something suitable.


  • desweller
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    Should be OK.

    At that price, nothing to lose; suck it and see.
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  • Sussed out
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    Great, thanks,
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    posted by mistake remove please
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  • centimani
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    Check before you buy, gear adjusters are 5 mm, brake adjusters are usually 6 mm to accommodate the thicker cable. I'm not convinced that'll fit.
  • Sussed out
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    I should have checked more thoroughly, compared to another brake screw and it's a different size. I'll have to try and return it when it comes. Have searched about and not found the thing I'm looking for. My old one is siezed so I'll probably just leave it there, I rarely use the tension thing anyway.
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