Bike Rack for Toyota Mr2 roadster?

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Not sure if I should be posting this here or not, I need advice on buying a bike rack or luggage rack for my Toyota Mr2 Roadster 03, I want to be able to bring my bike on Holidays this summer if possible, anyone know a website where you can get them? Or what is the best solution?


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    got one of these on a BMW 330 ci convertible ........... works well ... IS-Bones-2
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    If you check here, you can see which model Saris recommend/will fit:
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    jordan_217 wrote:
    If you check here, you can see which model Saris recommend/will fit:

    Though that's a start, that list is not up to date. When I checked for my car it suggested that no Saris racks would fit, but I emailed Saris and asked and it turned out that the one I wanted (Gran Fondo) did in fact fit.
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    I had a colleague who had an MR2 and we attempted to find a bike rack for him about 8 years ago and failed - obviously many new models of rack have come on the market, but expect something like a Saris is probably your best option. The problem is that many modern racks are designed to fulfil design standards that don't apply to older cars - it's probably just a case of trying a few to see which fits most securely.
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    this must be for when you are driving too and from the hairdresser?