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Boardman bikes

mabbomabbo Posts: 117
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I suppose there already been a lot about this in the past year or so, but by way of a moan and a warning.

Recently bought a new Boardman Hybrid. Had to use Halfords because our cycle to work scheme is unforetunately linked in with them.

Picked the bike up, first 5 miles, front gears, not working, stuck on small cog. Back gears, not changing, then jumping 3/4 gears at a time. Went to change down to lowest gear for a hill, and see where the gears would work, chain runs off, dragged derailluer into the wheel. Bent the hanger.

Took it all back to Halfords, whom also found the rear brake was rubbing. All re-set,( took two days), off on the road again. Gears will still not changing down on the back. Clicking, whirring, jumping.

Will give them one more chance, then off to my LBS and will try to get Halfords to pay for it. Has anyone else had issues like this recently? The bike is fitted with SRAM it's not rubbish.


  • ShutUpLegsShutUpLegs Posts: 3,522
    I've never heard a bad word about Boarmans or Halfrauds, must be bad luck, get it to your LBS.
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