Quick Release problem

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Hello All,

Hope you can help with this. I have just acquired a steel framed bike with ambrosio hubs. When I picked up the bike from the shop and cycled home I quickly noticed that with only a little pedal power the rear wheel shifted in its dropouts to the extent that it started to rub on the chain stay. This confused me greatly so took it back! It was simple to fix - just adjust the quick release skewer so it now really really really tight. The wheel no longer moves and all is good, however:

Its so tight that I struggle to release the quick release. I'm a bit of a weed ( in the arms only!) but it worries me that a cold day and a puncture it would almost be impossible to get the wheel off

Is this right, my previous wheels ( campag, fulctrum and mavic) once the quick release was locked the wheel was in place? I always thought it was good practice to not over tighten quick release lever as they could break.

Does anyone know if this is a 'known issue' with ambrosio? Could I improve matters with a different chioce of skewer? Should I even be bothered and just MTFU when changing the wheel?

Any help much appreciated!