Fix up a dawes Discovery for speed!!

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hiya everyone!
I have a old dawes discovery 401 with a 7005 frame with no wheels and bent teeth on the crank? So I thought that I would fix it up for commuting to work as I am currently using a mountain bike with front suspension which is a bit too slow and not fit for the job as I have to get up crystal palace hill in south east London which is a very long steep hill!
I did want to get a road bike such as a allez but I don't have the funds so wanted to do the bike up I have already for speed!
I need new wheels which are fast enough to keep me up with the road bikes, any recommendations or anyone selling a set?
I do need to replace the crank anyways but the system on it at the moment is a shimano acera.
not sure if i should of changed the whole groupset but im sure this would be a expensive route?
if not is it possible to just change the Chainset (crank and the rear cassette) for ones which will be faster?
sorry for the long post!
any help would be fantastic



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    I have a 301 and the wheels that came with it (Alex rims with OEM hubs) are fairly similar to Shimano R500s, so I figure they would be a good match as they are as cheap as chips (less than £75 a pair at Merlin) and run fine. You will need to check the compatibilty though, not sure what speed your bike is (I seem to recall these Shimano wheels are 8,9 or 10 speed compatible, my bike is an 8 speed). Might be worth looking at Fulcrum 7's or 5's too. You could look at spending a bit more, maybe £150-200 on some nice handbuilts from Spa Cycles (they would be great for commuting as you could fix any probs from potholes, etc.).

    As for the bent teeth, just replace the specific chain ring. You may need some new cables (brake and/or gear) to keep things smooth in operation and it is worth overhauling the V brakes (regrease, and set springs, check pads for wear and reface if still ok, etc). Also, you may as well check the chain for wear (use a steel rule or a chainwear tool) or get a nice new KMC one (the 8 spd X8-99 is good for 8 speed machines). Then, just get some decent commuter tyres like Schwalbe Marathon Kevlars or Duranos and off you go.

    Now, when it comes to going faster, that's easy...Pedal faster and harder. My top gear is 48 x 11 (115 inches), so spinning at a cadence of 100 gives about 34mph, which should be fast enough between the lights.