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Quick question for Assos users

white91white91 Posts: 431
edited May 2012 in Road buying advice

I have decided to bite the bullet and order some Assos bib shorts, just need to determine my size.

90 kg
36' waist
26' thighs

Assos state my height is a M, however I'm not a typical cyclist build, I currently use a pair of M Mavic Sprint bibs and they fit quite snug.

So M or L?


  • calmx5calmx5 Posts: 230
    Both should fit fine, depending on how you are going to use them. For a less so snug fit as your Mavics try the large, but I think the M will give you that slightly more snugness and racing fit - also be careful as the sizes vary depending on the short- the Milles are a more relaxed fit than the Unos. I've found that Assos don't measure on width but on height! :D
    Hope this helps
  • foggymikefoggymike Posts: 862
    The mediums could well be too tight for you mate. I can't wear them and I'm 5'10", I've got a 32/33" waist and they are too tight on my thighs which are (reaches for handy tape measure....) 23.5". The problem is as calmx5 mentions the large could be too long for you depending on how your height is split between legs and body. So you need a large for width and a medium for height - you knew that already from looking at the numbers didn't you!

    The version with the "regular" leg could work better for you if you get the large (the long leg version is the same as most other shorts - what Assos call regualar is a shorter leg than average). The bib length will be the decider there. If all else is good you could always get the straps shortened a touch - it would only cost a few quid. In for a penny...

    Why not just order both and see how you get on. Return the ones that don't suit, or if buying from a shop give them a whirl?
  • mjbennettmjbennett Posts: 532
  • mjbennettmjbennett Posts: 532
    Although the straps/bibs might be a bit loose
  • ShutUpLegsShutUpLegs Posts: 3,522
    XL or XXL with a waist that size
  • white91white91 Posts: 431
    My chest is 44" if its relevant, surely xxl would be massive on me?
  • galatzogalatzo Posts: 1,295
    I'm same height but weigh 7 kilos less.
    Large in Uno's and Medium in the TK434 3/4s which are a Mille (roomier fit).
    Mille's would be best for you but cost a bit more.
    Very happy with my 3/4s.
    25th August 2013 12hrs 37mins 52.3 seconds 238km 5500mtrs FYRM Never again.
  • mjbennettmjbennett Posts: 532
    Best not to assume assos sizing is the same as say rapha. Raphas jerseys are very roomy round the waist, (maybe to cater for the target market?) but assos sizes are race fit - a euphemism for a slim man i think.
  • white91white91 Posts: 431
    Yes I'm waiting for the short fat man sizes to come out! In all fairness my body fat is around 19% but my build is more rugby than cycling.

    I can't really stretch to Milles at the moment as I am struggling to justify £98 on the Unos.

    Maybe a Large would be best, I could always shorten the shoulders. Should try and find a stockist in Leicester, but we arn't exactly loked after here.
  • BordersroadieBordersroadie Posts: 1,052
    M would be far too tight. My F1 Mille bibs are an M and a perfect fit. I'm 11st, 5'8", waist 32".

    By the way my apparently outrageous purchase of said shorts has been justified several times, with century rides now holding no fears as far as rear end comfort goes. Slap on plenty of Assos cream too - an amazing level of comfort!*

    * assuming you have the right saddle for your butt.
  • mjbennettmjbennett Posts: 532
    Assos are expensive but definitely worth it. I wished all those years ago somebody had made me buy 2 pairs of assos, then i wouldn't have needed to buy about 15 pairs of cheaper shorts over the years..... :oops:
  • white91white91 Posts: 431
    Managed to try a few pairs on today, L were too long in the leg, M felt snug but fitted in the leg. Both were tight around the upper body, but felt ok race hunched.

    I also tried the Milles, is there a simple difference between the them and the Unos? They only had long leg versions in the Milles which is exactly what I don't need!

    I also saw you get some samples with the Milles, maybe they are worth the extra £30?

    Decisions decisions
  • CrankbrotherCrankbrother Posts: 1,695
    Trying to be helpful (honest) ...

    At 5'7" and that weight/girth, should you not be hoping that the lbs/kgs are gonna fly off as you get more miles in?

    In which case I'd suggest something like Giordana which are half the price and you can replace as the legs get bigger and the gut smaller ...

    I'm not trying to convince you to be thrifty ... Maybe the best shorts money could buy will help with the motivation but it seems like alot for something that the more you use the less they will fit ...

    Maybe spend the xtra cash on shoes and/or saddle that will always fit?
  • white91white91 Posts: 431
    Maybe its misread but I find some comments totally ignorant.

    On the face of it 90kg @5'7 seems high, however I'm not a skinny guy.

    I have 26" thighs (1" less than Chris Hoy), I squat 180kg
    44" chest, bench 135kg
    17" neck
    17" calves
    36" actual waist, (33" jeans fit fine)
    Peak power on Wattbike 1510 watt

    I play rugby and cycle in the off season, with 19% body fat I imagine I could loose some fat, but I am not going to drastically change shape. The idea that I will be an XXL is a stupid comment.

    Someone like Danny Care an actual professional rugby player is 5'8 and 87kg, Jason Robinson was similar, neither of those would be fat, and both are probably fitter than anyone on this forum.

    I am not suddenly going to become an 8 stone whippet, I do also understand I will never be a good climber at 14 stone.

    Back on topic I am ordering Medium Unos as they fit the best.
  • on-yer-bikeon-yer-bike Posts: 2,974
    white91 wrote:
    Maybe its misread but I find some comments totally ignorant.

    What did you expect, you asked on the Bike Radar forum?
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