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New frame or new bike...

sihydesihyde Posts: 3
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Hi all

I have a litespeed Vela which I have finally accnowledged is too small for me. It's got a 57cm top tube length and it seems I need something with a TT of around 59 or 60. Looking around, I simply can't find another bike which competes with my litespeed on spec for the money that I would get for it if I sold it second hand.

Firstly, the spec...
Frame Construction:TIG-welded
Frame Tubing Material:AN6 aluminum
Fork Brand & Model:LSP Carbon
Fork Material:Carbon fiber, aero crown

Component Group: Shimano 105
Brakeset:Shimano 105 Dual Pivot brakes, Shimano 105 STI Dual Control levers
Shift Levers:Shimano 105 STI Dual Control
Front Derailleur:Shimano 105
Rear Derailleur:Shimano 105 SS Replaced with Tiagra
Crankset:FSA Gossamer Compact, 39/53 teeth
Bottom Bracket:109.5mm spindle
BB Shell Width:68mm English
Rear Cogs:
9-speed, 12 - 23 teeth
Chain:Shimano CN-HG53, 1/2 x 3/32"
Handlebar:ITM Super Over
Handlebar Stem:ITM
Headset:1 1/8" threadless Cane Creek

So, I was hoping I could get a few opinions ;-) I see myself as having two options...

1. Sell litespeed and buy another bike. I could only afford to put about 200/250 towards this transaction so I'd need to be getting really good money for the litespeed.

2. Sell the litepseed frame/forks and rebuild the bike with a new frame, pref carbon or something that would constitute some sort of upgrade.

Would anybody know what a stunning red (I'm biased, I know :o ) large Alu/carbon litespeed frame would acheive and when choosing a new frame, which one I should be looking at. I've seen some ribble and mekk frames out there but I'm not up on all this!

Thank you in advance



  • styxdstyxd Posts: 3,234
    what length stem are you using?
  • sihydesihyde Posts: 3
    (you're going to test my road bike technical speak now so my apologies...)

    I think is 110 or 115. I've looked and I can get longer stems but a chap in a bike shop locally has said that as the frame is too small for me I'd be better to not spend money trying to fix this one and just get a bigger frame. And he's knows I'm not going to be buying one from him so I think the advice was as impartial as a bike shop salesman could be... (I've sat on a 58cm Specialized which felt a lot more comfortable but even that could of been a little larger to give me some room for adjustment...)

    How much would I be able to increase the length of the stem by without affecting the handling of the bike? (Presently, I have my seat pushed back around 1.5 - 2cm (as far as it'll go). My maths suggests that with the seat as it is I'm effectively workign with a TT length of 58.5 and I need it to be a couple of cm's longer than that... So I'd need to increase the length of the stem by 3.5 - 4 cm so get close to the right size...? )

    It's all rather complicated when you buy a frame that's too small for you isn't it! Doh!
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