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I have been wondering about putting an easy link into my chain to aid with cleaning as dont have any outdoor space at my new flat to clean the gears etc.

Will there be any noticable impact on the current smoothness of the chain?
Would it be better to buy a new chain tool and some pins and split the chain each time?

If i go down the easy link route which would be best for an ultegra 6700 chain?



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    No discernible difference using a quick link, choose whichever chain you fancy, as long as it's 10 speed!
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    I'd go for the KMC link - it's the only 10 speed one (that I know of at least) that is designed to be reused. The SRAM one don't claim reuse, though many people use it that way without problems.

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  • I have used KMC Missing Links on both of the Ultegra chain's that have been fitted on my bike over the last couple of years. Had no problems at all. In fact I fitted a second Missing Link to the chain currently on my bike after I found a crack in an outer plate of the chain. Done many miles with two links fitted without issue.
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    The Clarks links are a bit cheaper than the KMC units and work just as well IIRC.
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    When I bought my CAAD it has an Ultegra chain with 2 powerlinks on! I didn't notice it until much later. I assume he used a 11t-23t cassette and had a short chain and then put an extra length and used a 12t-27t cassette. Still I never notice it.
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    KMC Missing Link! Make sure to look for CL559R.

    Sram are non-reusable. Clarks are made by YBN (Yaban) - yuck.