Wheel builder in Staffs area?

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Need to get a wheelset built up, but one local shop doesn't build black wheels up (says something like the black spokes rub against each other and stick)

Rims I'm considering are only available in black, so black/silver hub with silver spokes will look a bit rubbish, so anyone recommend a decent wheel builder in Staffs area?
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  • mercia_man
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    Brian Rourke or Longstaff Cycles? No personal experience but I have friends with nice looking custom bikes and wheels built by both these shops and neither have had any problems.
  • ugo.santalucia
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    Black rims on silver spokes do actually look much better than you think...
    Black spokes cost twice the price and don't offer any advantage. The alleged corrosion resistance is something that I have never experienced, never had a rusty spoke... the part that gets damaged by corrosion is the thread, which not black anyway.
    There are also reports of them being shorter lived than conventional silver ones
    It's the classic lose-lose situation...
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    Black rims and silver spokes look really good. I do not build with black spokes as when I tell people the price of them compared to silver they choose silver.
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    check out Goldtec on Brampton Industrial Estate

    I know a lot of shops use them for builds. Their wheelbuilder only comes in twice a week