where do you get a frame re-sprayed?

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just wondered where you would get an old frame sprayed up etc?
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  • steelie600
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    Ive had mine done at wilkinsons powder coating mate.

    £75 for blasting, powder coating, sticker applicaton and laquering

    Not had it back yet but their previous work on my motorbike stuff has been top notch
    Idiot ^^^^^^^^^

  • I've used these:


    Excellent job
  • ianbar
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    oh thats a good link thank you, bristol is way way away though lol but I'm sure bit of googling might throw something up
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  • P_Tucker
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    Unless you enjoy massive ballaches and crappy workmanship, AVOID MARIO VAZ at all costs. The twunt left a headset cup in my frame, then managed to get a load of paint inside the headtube and over said cup thus effectively gluing it in place. Very nearly ruined the frame. Obv he didn't give a crap.
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    I painted my own frame. got a can of primer, two cans of colour from halfords. Painted the frame, let it dry for a few days then dropped it round to a car bodyshop. They laquered and baked it while doing something else. Then stickers from ebay.

    total cost £50 ish. But I had the paint anyway.




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    Nice job on the Boardman.

    Sorry to hijack the thread but I'm after getting my Bottecchia frame restored only it has a rubbery finish to it, anyone know of a frame specialist that could paint and finish in that way?