split tyre repair?

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I put a about 1 cm split in the side wall of a 23C tyre last Wednesday on my commute.

It was pissing with rain and i walked home to repair it and was already running late. I changed the inner tube and patched the split with a patch but it bulged when i pumped it up. I then used some heat shrink conduate which i had near by and cut it into a rectangle to go between the tube, patch and split, pumped it up to 90psi and it buldged but hey i was late for work. Any how i left and half expected it to blow instantly and ever since. Its been just over a week i've put 100+miles on it since

Its a pretty new tyre and i'm reluctant to replace (building a new carbon bike and well spending far too much on bike stiff as it is)

So my question has anyone used "silicone tape" to repair a tyre now this stuffs rates to 700psi i spotted at a local diy store by chance. Any thoughts? maybe i should just try the stuff and let you know :)

Something like: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Everbuild-Silwe ... 987&sr=1-5