Powertap sl+ losing signal

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Hi I've seen this covered before though different problems from mine been thru bout 6 battery changes same problem occurs powertap will work for a while then lose signal after a few minutes it will pick up again work for a while then lose signal again atvthe start I thought it was batteries any advice would be appreciated


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    It may not be exactly the same issue, but after the first set of batteries on my SL+ hub lasting about 18 months, I replaced the batteries with SR44 bought from a local electrical store which subsequently lasted about 3 weeks. I replaced them twice more (both times from the same source), each time getting only 3 to 6 weeks before I lost signal to my Garmin.

    I was about to send the hub back to Paligap for service, but decided to try one last go with new batteries, this time getting only Energizers, and from a source that showed the expiry date (2015). I have now had at least 6 months of service to date, with at least 8 hours a week use.

    I would try getting good batteries as a first pass.

    I used these people on ebay, cheap and efficient - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/6x-SR44-ENERG ... 500wt_1180
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    Yip tried energisers batteries defo not the problem I have even used Swiss watch batteries itjustkeeps cutting in and out of signal
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    I was going to suggest good batteries as well (and to avoid Boots batteries), but if you've tried energiser batteries then it must be something else. Only other thing I can think to try would be to use a little electrical contact cleaner on the contacts that stick out the bottom of the battery holder. I think I bought the contact cleaner from Halford.
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