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Beginners bike - Felt z100. Any good?

metmet Posts: 24
edited May 2012 in Road buying advice
So, having been blinded by all the bling I don't need and am not yet capable of using! I gave myself a reality check and brought my budget back down from a new Scott speedster s20 to a more grounded to £500-700.

My local bike shop sells Felt, Focus Forme, Moda and Scott bikes with a full fitting service.

They are suggesting a Felt z100 price tag £585 (although I suspect it's a 2011 bike).

I haven't really heard of felt as a brand and the mechanics of the bike are not named brands I recognise.

Does anyone have an opinion on this bike? I need to make a decision in the morning - need to get out on the road!!! 8)


  • I paid a little more for the Felt Z85 and it was fantastic, a great beginner's bike, but definitely capable of some fast speeds!
    The only reason I'm not on one now is because my father upgraded, so I got his old one :D
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