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52t big ring

Benjamin HallBenjamin Hall Posts: 608
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I know people are just going to say dont bother...but

I like to climb in a bigger gear than most and find that I'm happiest in the big ring, slightly cross chained instead of in a small gear in the little ring. I currently run 53 - 12 but was considering switching to 52-11 when my cassette needs replacing. Does that makes sense to anyone?

That would give me the same top gear (ive not had a race yet where it's been too small for the sprint) but ease some of the strain when climbing over slightly over-geared.

Anyone else run that combo?



  • bristolpetebristolpete Posts: 2,255
    Hi mate, makes sense, but it is about the inches you are pushing as common sense says loose one on the front gain one on the back, but it is more than that.

    Example being if you were spinning up a hill at 90 rpm, in 52-11 though I expect you wont climb in that ring set up you will be at 33.3 mph over 31.1 mph on the 53/12 set up so in essence you will ease the strain though there are a lot of variables involved and your ratios change from 4.42 to 4.73. I cant see much difference....

    Personally, I have moved back to 50/34 - 12/25 as these ratios are actually quicker at my cadence than 53/52 with a wider cassette. I think that the best ratio out there is 52/34 but cant really do it which is a shame.....

    Gearing is mental but this link makes it easier -
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