carbon frame, alu saddle AND super record jockey wheels

ollie cb
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Thought I'd make 1 thread for my queries...

Firstly, I've got a carbon frame and have acquired a very nice light weight aluminium seat post. Are there any issues with using these two materials together? And what sort of grease/paste should i use....normal carbon fibre paste?

Secondly, my super record rear derailleur has one jockey wheel spinning extremely freely (the one with the "ceramic bearing") with the other doing 1/4 of a turn when i spin it before stopping.
I have taken out both jockey wheels, cleaned them, taken them apart, lubed them etc but to no avail.
seeing as the one that doesn't spin freely is now 100% clean, lubed etc. i am reluctant to purchase a replacement without hearing an opinion from the masses.... is this lack of free movement normal or should it spin forever, thus i should but a new jockey wheel?
As for age, the rear derailleur has done 3k max and the teeth are showing barely any signs of wear.

Thanks in advance.