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Is my carbon frame shot? advise please

flyerflyer Posts: 608
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I bought a 2011 specialized carbon frame bike over the weekend.

I cleaned it up yesterday and went for my first ride today, and after just 100yds I heard a creaking noise.

This only does it when I am peddling and appears slightly worse when climbing a hill.

I have done some basic checks, tightened stuff up and checked wheels are not too tight etc.

It does not creak when I am free wheeling even if I move up and down on the bike.

I did give it a lot of water when cleaning yesterday, hose pipe and brush on end?

Probably nothing to do with it but I heard something loose in the frame and tipped it upside down and a small rivet came out, very tine half of it has a crew thread!!

do you think the frame is cracked and how can I check?

any help appreciated


  • deswellerdesweller Posts: 5,175
    Creaks can be alllllllllll kinds of things. Frame is probably last on the (very long) list.
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  • ineedalagerineedalager Posts: 374
    I had a creaking when going up hills on my Boardman Hybrid fitted a new BB £16 got rid of thr creak.
  • simonsayssimonsays Posts: 25
    after 40 it can usually be narrowed down to the knees
  • centimanicentimani Posts: 467
    +1 with Des...highly likely to be any amount of things before the frame itself..
    Make sure your cleats are tight on your shoes.
    Make sure your pedals are tight on the cranks. (had a creak on my new bike...i removed pedals, applied coppaslip and refitted, no more creak)
    On a previous bike i had a cracking/creaking noise when i went over bumps,,that really did worry me, turned out to be the headset slightly out of adjustment. (full carbon forks)

    There'll be plenty of other reasons others will offer, seatpost etc etc etc.
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