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Campag front mech compatibility

JonEdwardsJonEdwards Posts: 452
edited April 2012 in Road buying advice
I've got a Record groupset on my bike dating from 2004 I think - 10 speed, carbon ergos.

The front mech is about dead - gone all sloppy and I can't set it up to work right - rubs the chain in bottom gear and I can't adjust the limit any more and clips the crank when in big ring, but won't shift up if I pull the top limit in even a gnats.

So. Are all Campag front mechs the same these days? I seem to recall something about Quickshift ones which needed certain levers (or was it the other way round) - has that vanished into the mists of time? It's a standard 53/39 chainset.

And anyone know of a cheap braze on Chorus one anywhere....?



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