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Team Sky all black Dogmas

JustinLeeAtkinsonJustinLeeAtkinson Posts: 335
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I know that Cav has an all black dogma, there is an article about in the Sky website. But Wiggo was riding an all black one throughout Romandy it seemed, and I'm pretty sure I saw another rider with one too during the race (I forget who).

This is in addition to the black one he used for the final TT in Paris Nice less bar tape, and which appeared to be the same one he used in the Romandy TT yesterday.

Anyone got any info on them? Do they differ from the standard coloured dogma's?


  • Don't know the answer to that, but I think Wiggo switched from an all-white one to a black one after a couple of days. Just to add to the general intrigue!
  • The all black Dogma's are a superlight version of the frame, hence no bar tape etc. I expect we'll see a little more of it when the road points skyward in the 3 week tours.
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    Too add further,Wiggo had a British Champ liveried Dogma recently too.
  • MrTapirMrTapir Posts: 1,206
    The all black Dogma's are a superlight version of the frame, hence no bar tape etc. I expect we'll see a little more of it when the road points skyward in the 3 week tours.

    I dont understand the 'no bar tape' thing, especially since the bike cant be under the weight limit anyway. Are they adding weight elsewhere with power meters and such things? Surely having no bar tape is a rider preference...
  • EKIMIKEEKIMIKE Posts: 2,232
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    Pinarello Dogma's are pig heavy. Regularly measured on scales by ordinary people at 1400g. That's just the frame. Add the pig heavy fork to the picture too.

    Once you put Di2, power meter and tri-bars on it you're looking comfortably into the 7.x kg bracke. Probably upwards of 7.5 kg. Hence the need for the light version of the frame and skimping in other areas. Seems like they skimped on a chain catcher as well as tape.

    It's not a very good situation is it, considering Pinarello is meant to be a top class brand.

    For reference(picture on scales at bottom of page): ... &start=240

    Thats 1720g for:
    Dogma Frame
    NB: No cage bolts.

    I've personally weighed a size 56cm Canyon:
    Cage bolts
    1700g dead.

    Also see this:
  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    Is it my imagination or are the Pinarellos less 'wavy' than they used to be ? Clearly thats going to add a bit of material to the frame.
  • Ron StuartRon Stuart Posts: 1,242
    Wiggo's bike in the Tour of the Algarve
    Note standard Chainset :!:
    Check out Richie Porte's Chainset....

    The Dogma two frames with hidden cables r.r.p at over £5000 and are in the region of 500g heavier than my Addict frame and are no stiffer. At the back end of year you could pick up an Addict R2 for around £2300 complete with Ultegra and Mavic Cosmic SL's. My Addict weighed in at Epic Cycles when purchased with Mavic Ksyriums Premiums at 6.9kg :roll: It also had a very lightweight chain catcher (plastic) as standard, I have never shipped a chain on the inside :shock:
  • symosymo Posts: 1,743
    Ah but the SKY bikes are purposely heavier, the reason being is that Wiggins and Cav are freaking awesome.
    we are the proud, the few, Descendents.

    Panama - finally putting a nail in the economic theory of the trickle down effect.
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