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New chain and cassett, running rough

weatyweaty Posts: 122
edited April 2012 in Workshop
I have just changed my 10 speed chain and cassett, I noticed in a previouse thread someone said they fitted a tiagra 10 speed cassett but could not get the shim to fit, I have the same problem.
The problem is when on the big ring on the front the top 4 rings on the back now run rough, as though the chain is not seating properly on the bottom jocky wheel, I know I should not go big big , but this is worse than that.
Also when I am on the big ring on the front and the small rings on the back, if I peddle backwards the chain goes slack, also when the bike is on the work stand the back wheel will keep driving the cranks when I stop cranking it.
When I swapped the cassett over I did notice the free hub was a little tight though.

Any help would be good
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