Upgrade Spesh Secteur - 9sp to 10sp

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Hi all,

I have searched and don't seem to be able to find an answer...........I have all the other relevant components to change my secteur sport from 9sp to 10sp - my question is will - will the cassette be a straight swap or will the freehub not work with 10sp ? will I need a spacer etc ?

Its a standard Spesh Secteur - 9sp mix of Tiagra and Sora - standard Alex S500 wheels, over the years I have bought the various components needed to upgrade the complete bike to 105 10sp, but wondered about the cassette swap as have not got new wheels.....yet.....

Thanks in adavnce


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    Yes, you can simply swap your 9 speed cassette for a 10 speed one.

    There should be a spacer behind your current cassette; reuse that one if you don't get one with the new cassette.
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    Unless you use a new Tiagra 10 speed cassette, which I have just read requires no spacer!
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    Clarification, as some posts above are wrong.

    A Shimano 10sp 105, Ultegra or DA cassette is actually narrower than a 8sp or 9sp cassette (actually it's milled-out a bit behind it, making it effectively narrower as it sits tighter to the hub).
    Some '10sp only' hubs will only take these cassettes - some expensive Dura Ace and Ultegra wheels from a few years ago and some aftermarket wheels.

    If you are running 9sp now, then you have a '8/9/10sp hub' which will accept 8sp, 9sp or 10sp cassettes.
    To fit the narrower 10sp 105, Ultegra or DA cassette, you'll need to fit a spacer behind it which fills it out to the same width as 8sp or 9sp, and you should get one of these when you buy the cassette.
    Tiagra 10sp doesn't need it, doesn't come with it - it'll fit fine onto your hub without, but wouldn't fit on the 10sp-only hubs as it'd be too wide.

    8sp and 9sp cassettes of course don't need it either, so you *won't* find one behind your current 9sp cassette when you take it off.

    (the exception would be Mavic wheels, where you do need a Mavic spacer to fit a Shimano cassette - but you need that *plus* the Shimano 10sp spacer if you run Shimano 10sp on Mavic)
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    many thanks - update - have checked my box of 'upgrades' and indeed have then Shimano Spacer - thanks again, appreciate your time :D
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    I have the same bike and I'd be interested to hear how this conversion works out!
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    Oops! Too many assumptions on my part since I have only had 10 speed stuff :oops: