Fitting another water bottle to my bike question

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I want to add another bottle to my bike and I've already ordered a new carbon cage. My question is If I fit to my seat post down comer do I have to buy a smaller bottle as it looks as if it will be tight to get a bottle in especially if I try to get in from the top (not sure if I will be able to)
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    Depends on the geo of the bike (tube angles) and the size of the bottle. 3 of my bikes have 2 bottle cages on and it all works ok. It can be a little tricky getting the seat post bottle in/out just because of the extra reach/awkwardness so I just ensure that the one on the downtube is the one I drink from and swap with the seatpost one when empty. I only normally use the standard 500ml bottles though as I found that the larger size ones are just too awkward.